Covid-19 : Keeping Kids Occupied, Activities

A list of activities contributed by PIEZ group members:

  1. Indoor snow : 2 cups baking soda and 1/2 cup conditioner.
  2. Screen Time is Great
    • Netflix/Hulu/Amazon/YouTubeKids/Disney+ videos for kids
    • PBS kids has free video and game apps
      Bill NYE
      Science Max
  3. Library books
  4. Audiobooks
  5. Brain quest workbooks
  6. Montessori activities
  7. Legos & Mega Blocks
  8. Fort building with blankets and cushions
  9. Books
  10. Make checkerboard out of construction paper and tape and learned how to play checkers together.
  11. Gardening
  12. Basic body weight exercises
  13. Trampoline indoors or out
  14. Beanbag toss indoors or out
  15. Rube Goldberg Machines
  16. Cardboard Maze
  17. Parlor Games
  18. Copy Famous Art
  19. Hiking in nature keeping distancing guidelines in mind
  20. Climb Trees
  21. Parkour
  22. Biking
  23. Skateboarding
  24. Roller Skating
  25. Disc Golf
  26. Build a Tree House/Fort
  27. Slack Line
  28. Ninja Challenge
  29. Dig a Mud Pit
  30. Garden
  31. Make a Rock Wall
  32. Build Birdhouses
  33. Little tykes play structure inside
  34. Ball pit balls in the empty bathtub
  35. Pipe cleaners and a colander that he can stick the pipe cleaners in
  36. Kinetic sand
  37. Water beads
  38. Water, paint brushes for water painting construction paper or the driveway or fence
  39. Let then take all the cushions off the couch and build a fort or play “hot lava”
  40. Backyard time.
  41. Simple craft projects like collages with old magazines
  42. Making obstacle courses and timing to see how fast they can get through it.
  43. Making silly videos–make a stage and act out plays with stuffies. Share the videos with other kids via email.
  44. FaceTime/Skype/Video Chat with friends
  45. Toilet Paper Tubes
  46. Pompoms
  47. Cardboard Strips & Drinking Straws. Use straws to blow poms.Use tape to make mazes on floor to blow through with straws or vertical mazes on wall to see if gravity carries it to a goal spot.
  48. Cosmic kids yoga adventures on amazon prime is AMAZING!
  49. Separate the pompoms by color and put each color in its own bucket (for toddlers)
  50. Put pompoms into a bottle (the Voss water bottles, the smallest size. It makes this difficult)  (for toddlers)
  51. IKEA/Melissa and Doug type paper rolls for kids. Mix tempura paints with water and corn starch, put them in 2 Oz squeeze bottles. Art time.
  52. Stickers
  53. Load the kinetic sand into on to toy dump truck and unload the dump truck
  54. Playdoh
  55. Bubbles
  56. Type alphabets, numbers, words on laptop, try different fonts, colors etc.,
  57. Microsoft Windows Paint or some app like that and let them “draw” on the screen
  58. OT activities
  59. Baking
  60. Geocaching (keeping social distancing guidelines in mind)
  61. Sewing
  62. Snap circuits
  63. Kitchen science stuff
  64. Chores
  65. Sight word scavenger hunts
  66. Art prompts
  67. Museums Virtual tours :

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