This site is associated with the Positive Inclusive Evidence-Based Zone Family of Facebook groups.

In this site we hope to provide information and links to resources to  fellow people who believe in evidence based science and understand the value of quality research or are willing to educate themselves. We hope to help those of us who have our varied struggles through life and have to find evidence based information, recommendations, tips and the right trade-offs for our individual situations quickly.

We hope to include resources for parenting, life, pet care, support the vulnerable and marginalized groups of our community to the best of our ability.

If you are looking to be the “perfect crunchy parent” defined as in believing in natural cures for everything from dry skin to cancer, essential oils, cloth diapering only, believing in amber teething necklaces, organic only, non GMO foods AND anti-vaccines this isn’t the right site for you. There are scores of other sites that cater to that but if you want to keep an open mind, take time to read, ask questions and understand the science then hopefully this site will help you out at least in a small way.

We hope to build this repository of information, articles, blog posts and hacks together with our valued members in our Facebook groups.

We will try to keep the content as up to date as possible with respect to current research but please remember no guarantees or warranties are made here, nothing from this site should be taken as medical, legal or professional advice. Please always talk to a professional to determine what is right for your situation. Any product recommendations here are purely based on my own personal experience, We are not compensated to recommend anything and we do not make any guarantees or warranties about the products.