Covid-19 : Coping and Mental Health Guidance Resources

Humans are a social species (or at least most are supposed to be). Staying at home all day for an extended period of time is stressful. Whether you are cooped up at home on your own or with family, each situation has its own challenges. This was one of the area of concerns for our members.

A summarized list for you, but we encourage you to look through all the resources we have shared

  1. If you have any mental health issues, please make sure you talk to your doctor first and ensure you have any and all the medications you need during this tough period of social distancing
  2. Learn what to expect from the stress of staying home for long periods of time
  3. Plan a structure to your day, very much like how you would normally when its school or work day.
  4. Follow your schedule including things like :
    1. eating on schedule
    2. changing clothes to something like work clothes (if you are working from home)
    3. Exercising on schedule etc.,
  5. Have a list of coping mechanisms that work well for you. Things like meditation, exercise, reading, Netflixing, etc.,
  6. Maintain social interactions. Use tools like Skype/FaceTime/Google Hangout/Facebook etc.,
  7. When you are home with kids, hold them to a similar schedule.
  8. Whether or not you are home on your own or with family, make time to set boundaries, hold them and schedule self-care time for yourself. It is very easy to get sucked into taking care of others, the home, or work all day and not make time for yourself.
  9. Do not check the news multiple times a day.


Mental Health and Psychosocial Considerations During
COVID-19 Outbreak  (WHO)

Taking Care of Your Behavioral Health (SAMHSA)

Manage Anxiety & Stress (CDC)

No guarantees or warranties are made here, nothing from this site should be taken as medical, legal or professional advice. Please always talk to a professional to determine what is right for your situation. 

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